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Hottest Investments of 2016

It’s been one year since the FTSE 100’s all time high, and its value has plummeted 12% since.

To take your mind off it, Short on Value has produced a list of stocks and equity with great potential for strong growth in the coming fiscal year.

Apple Inc. & Tesla

Apple Inc. recently posted its first quarter with a net loss in 13 years, which caused quite a commotion. Shares lost 7% of their value within 15 minutes after the reporting. Since Apple isn’t set to decompose just yet, we recommend this as a potential investment.

Last month, the electric car manufacturer Tesla unveiled its Model 3. Tesla is known for producing luxurious electric cars with the industry’s most efficient engines. The Model S and the Model X, though both successful beyond the company’s plans, cater exclusively to the rich with their £80,000 price tags. The Model 3 will be priced at an affordable £30,000 in the UK. To meet demand, Tesla has recently been investing in their production capacity with innovations such as the Gigafactory and a fully-automated assembly line. For this reason, Tesla will soon be ubiquitous.

Tesla 3


Property and real estate, though prices fluctuate in the short-term, are incredibly reliable investments in the long-term. People will always need a home. Coastal regions and urban areas are among the most demanded investments. London is clearly the largest urban area in the UK, but who told you to limit yourself to this island? Why not invest in a summer apartment in Rome or a holiday house in Nice? These cities offer great opportunities for sub-letting during the work season as the demand will only ever go up. 2016 poses to bring great value to home owners.


Energy is among the most volatile sectors of the economy as petrol crises and renewable energy sources emerge unpredictably to stir up the market. However, nothing is more attractive than a diverse energy portfolio. Owning a share of  the declining fossil fuels industry as well as managing a stake of the up-and-coming renewable market will prepare you for the future of this highly unpredictable sector. It will also help bulk up your trading portfolio.

Ren En

2016 offers a variety of new options for the investor-prone among us. Apple, Tesla, Property and Energy are Short on Value’s #1 recommendations for investment in this fiscal year.

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